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:: Wednesday, November 07, 2001 ::

News Sources

Yahoo Finance
The Drudge Report
Fox News
The Washington Post
The Wilmington (DE) News-Journal
The Philadelphia Inquirer
Los Angeles Times
The News & Observer (Raleigh, NC)
The Washington Times
The New York Post
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
American Journalism Review's Newslink


Wall Street Journal Op-Ed Page
Washington Times Op-Ed Page
Washington Post Op-Ed Page
National Review Online
TownHall.com Conservative Columnists
Jewish World Review
The Weekly Standard
The New Republic

News Forums

Free Republic

"Reality Bites" Odd News

The Obscure Store
Reuters Odd News Wire
Yahoo! Weird News
Fox News’ Life Page

E-Mail/Social Networking


Research Tools

WordReference Foreign Language Dictionaries
Villanova University Library System
The Library of Congress
Election Financial Disclosure Reports from OpenSecrets.org
Federal Election Commission's Campaign Finance Database
United States General Accounting Office
California Voter Foundation
US Historical Census Database
CEO Express
Webster's Dictionary

Online Radio

WCPE, 89.7 FM, Raleigh, NC (Classical)
KUSC, 91.5 FM, Los Angeles, CA (Classical)
KLON, 88.1 FM, Long Beach, CA (Jazz)


Yahoo Sports
LA Times Sports Page
Orioles Coverage from the Baltimore Sun
Redskins Coverage from the Washington Post
DC United Coverage from the Washington Post

Other Sites

Carolina Review
The Daily Tar Heel
Presbyterian Church, USA
Perseus Project
The Harvard Classics Online

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